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“Bash Bar” is a modern, distinctive Belarusian bar that has absorbed our hospitable character and love for our native history and traditions. All of this is reflected in the design, the bar menu, the music and the people who work here.
The true meaning of the word “Bash” is the following old expression “bash na bash”, which means an equivalent exchange. What are we changing: classic and original drinks, decorated and supplemented with various ingredients, a cheerful and comfortable atmosphere with a bias in the Belarusian flavor to the positive emotions of the guests.
The idea behind the design of the bar is to present objects and accessories that reflect facts about Belarus and its culture. Sights, music, painting, household items, literature, significant figures of culture and art – all this should be reflected in the interior, features and elements. Here the guest can feel the cultural heritage of the country and be impressed by drinks based on local products.
The name of the drinks corresponds to the Belarusian theme: the name of popular works of Belarusian writers, artists, musicians and other national symbols / characteristics. The use of mainly Belarusian ingredients in garnishes and decorations for drinks (for example, dried cranberries, cornflower flowers, dried nettles, etc.).

Address: Republic of Belarus, Minsk, International str.25a
Number: +375291401313

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