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Drink KONG is an ‘’instinct’’ bar

We base our experience on visual and taste experience, since we opened one year and half ago we already achieved number 82 in 50 best bars , the Campari ‘’one to watch ‘’ award , and many more , which gave us the strength to push our boundaries  further.

Our team is very unite, all our staff works on all the stages of the creative process of the menù and constantly discussing how to do a better hospitality.

We want guests to lower their guard and abandon themselves at what they feel in their tummy, we want them to follow their instincts.

Right now, we have our new menu called ‘’new humans ‘’, with this menu you can visually be inspired. It’s called like this for these challenging times, we are all new humans, let’s hope for the better.

We focus a lot on the experience of our guests, as a heavy-duty bar we want to expand this to a larger crowd.

Drink Kong is number 45 in just two years in the prestigious 50 best bars list, and number 22 in the top 500 bars.

Follow your instinct!

Be Kong!

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