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How people make Aviation Gin

What inspired you to create your brand?


Created by a unique partnership between a bartender and a distiller, in Portland, Oregon.  The founders felt that the Aviation Cocktail was the perfect icon for cocktail culture. But it was also a cocktail that was notoriously difficult to execute well. Aviation is widely credited for creating a new style of gin known as American Gin. In contrast to the predominant London Dry style. Aviation has floral and citrus notes in the front and juniper more in the background for a more democratic blend of botanicals from around the world. The Aviation bottle is a design icon and speaks to Art Deco design and the Jazz Age – a subtle nod to the brand’s American roots.



How close is the brand to a barman and a consumer and how does it work?


The founders of Aviation decided that creating a cleaner, more balanced gin that would make a perfect Aviation Cocktail would be the holy grail for bartenders. The resulting Aviation Gin, is now the best tasting gin on the planet, has become an icon of the American distilling movement, and quickly became a favorite of the mixology world. 



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What is the difference between a craft brand and a usual mass brand? Where is the point of turning one into another?


Craft spirits are defined as producers making 750,000 gallons or fewer each year. They must identify themselves as craft producers. They can’t be controlled by a big distillery.

Aviation is made in small batches of 90 cases, largely due to the handcrafted nature of our production methods. A blend of 7 botanicals, sourced from around the world, is placed in large mesh bags. The bags are wacked with a cricket bat to help unlock more flavor.



If your brand was a person, how would they look? What would they be?


Aviation Gin is Ryan Reynolds and vice versa. Hollywood Superstar Ryan Reynolds is a major owner of the brand. While filming Deadpool 2 in his hometown of Vancouver, Ryan Reynolds would frequent a bar close to the set and order a Negroni. He kept returning thinking it was the best Negroni he has had. One day he asked the bartender what was in this Negroni that made it so good, and the bartender mentioned it’s a regular Negroni except he uses Aviation Gin. From there Ryan thought it would be a good idea to invest in the brand. Ryan Reynolds is deeply involved in every aspect of the brand, from content development, sitting in on board meetings, product placement integration in movies to building relationships with sales entities.  


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