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Speaker’s Impression: Roberto Bava

When I attended my first BAROMETER last year my genuine reaction that I could not hide was a loud WOW. I did not expect such a nice event and even more such a clever and upgraded bar community such as the one in Kyiv and Ukraine.


I am sure that the same people and friends I met have inside the genetic and the energy to bypass this definitely unexpected and dramatic change worldwide that hit a lot our network from production to hospitality.


The success of Cocchi in introducing a new quality and a next step in the Vermouth scenario is because this new generation of barmen and consumers were able to understand the renaissance of the category.


So our future is your future, your resilience is our resilience, your optimistic energy is our same one. We’ll come out together.


Roberto Bava, principal of Giulio Cocchi winery

September 27-29, we are waiting for you at BAROMETER International Bar Show 2019. More than 100 lectures, master classes and tastings from the world's best experts and leading brands. Tickets are on sale now!
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