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Alena Ryzh

Biography: Alena Ryzh is a coach and corporate trainer. With 19 years of experience in HoReCa, and 12 years managing Shelest, Vietnamese Hello, The Burger, Tsarsky, Mr.Zuma, Alena conducts webinars and seminars on marketing and communication with customers. She’s also a specialist in Psychodrama and Sociometry, which help build a better understanding of interpersonal relationships in a team, develop communication, and give feedback. Alena teaches you how to love people and your job.

Topic: Solutions from the IT sector for staff shortages in HoReCa
・How to communicate your vision and values within your company
・Working with your staff
・One-on-one meetings
・Feedback culture
・Zero punishment culture and “the right to do wrong”
・Merch, training, coaching and recreational activities
・Tools for working with employees: calendars, surveys, chats, etc.
・Working for your clients

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