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Alexander Hryshkov

Biography: 1993-1998 State University, Faculty of Physics and Technology;
During his studies he began working as a waiter, then a bartender;
1999 – after graduating from university he graduated from bartending courses in Moscow at the Bartending Association of Russia, senior bartender;
2000 – became the president of the Dnepropetrovsk Guild of Barmen and the co-founder of the first training center of bartenders in Dnepropetrovsk;
2001 – participation in the first all-Ukrainian commercial competition of bartenders LUCKY MIX;
2002 – co-owner of the bar in NK PLOTINA, Dnipropetrovsk sity;
2003-2013 – organization of monthly competitions “Battle of bartenders” for STAFF
2006 – Vice President of the All-Ukrainian Association of Bartenders, reorganization of the training center into the School of Contemporary Art of Service “Bar & Service”;
2006 – owner of art bar Be Zone, Dnepropetrovsk;
2008 – the owner of the company “Bar and Service” service of HoReCa establishments;
2010-2012 – organizer of the all-Ukrainian competition of bartenders ALeXX MIXOLOGY – 10 cities of Ukraine;
2018 – reorganization of the School of Contemporary Art of Service “Bar & Service” in the training center DniproBar, Dnipro sity;
Since 2020 – President of the All-Ukrainian Bartenders Association.

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