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Antonina Kazak

Topic: Shooting beverages

I Preparation:

  1. Determination of the style of photographs depending on the tasks and marketing strategy.
  2. Making an effective list of shooting positions.
  3. Preparing to take the photographs.

II Features of photographing:

  1. Light as a means to convey the beauty of drinks.
  2. Subtleties of the shooting process and increasing its efficiency.

III. Post-production: its quality and uniqueness.


My name is Antonina Kazak, I am a food photographer and food stylist.

 I used to work in marketing and business consulting for more than 10 years and saw the art of photography from a completely different angle. 

But like to many women, maternity leave made much changes in my life. So I started practicing the art of photography. And one fateful meeting showed the world of food photography for me. Since then, for seven years now I am in love with this enchanting world: the world of tastes and aromas, textures and forms. I am happy to have worked previously in marketing – this experience allows me to better understand the tasks of the customer, and see photography not only as a creative process, but also as a marketing tool that serves certain purposes and should evoke certain emotions. My portfolio includes projects with leading restaurants in Kyiv, working with manufacturers not only from Ukraine but also from other countries, participation in the creation of books and much more.

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