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Artem Bakurov

Topic: “Coffee and alcohol. How to create a balance and what are the trends in this direction”


We will discuss:

— How to choose coffee for your establishment

— How to work with it correctly?

— Inventory if we are a bar and a coffee shop

— Compatibility of coffee and alcohol, the emphases which should be placed

— The future of coffee and alcohol




Hello, my name is Artem Bakurov.


I am the Coffee and Good Spirits champion of Ukraine, as well as the finalist of the world championship in this discipline.


I began my professional way in 2014 in commercial projects. In 2015, I started working at ONE LOVE coffee, where I still work today being responsible for green grain selection and quality control.


I started my way to the championships in 2016 at the HoReCa exhibition in Lviv, where the “Coffee and Good Spirits” championship was held. I was fourth there. Next, I took part in the National Coffee and Good Spirits Championship of Ukraine 2017, where the fourth place awaited me again (I have to admit that after that I do not like this number 😉

Next was the next National Coffee and Good Spirits Championship 2018. There I managed to win and become the champion of Ukraine. Then the world championship in Brazil awaited for me, and at that time the main goal was to get into the finals of the world championship. And we succeeded with great success, but ironically, my favorite place was waiting for me there, namely the fourth 🙂

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