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Dmytro Kamber

Biography: Manager of the bar The Fitz (Odessa) since 2020. Before he worked for four years as a bar manager at The Fitz bar (Odessa).
Coach at Diageo Bar Academy. Together with the project we conduct trainings, workshops for industry workers: bartenders, waiters, managers and management institutions across the country.
Ambassador Core Portfolio Diageo. I introduce the staff of the establishments to the Diageo brands.
Consultant for Horeca in the field of bars.
In the industry since 2007 I have passed the way from the cook and the assistant bartender to the manager.

Tasting: World of Tiki by Captain Morgan
We will go through the stages of formation of Tiki culture in America, meet the people who stood at the beginning. We will see their contribution to the development of the whole area. The lecture will be accompanied by the Captain Morgan family of Roma, both in its pure form and in cocktails.
The scale and importance of Tiki culture in mid-twentieth-century America
The first popularizers of the tropics, such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Paul Gauguin
Don Beachcomber and the first Tiki cocktails
Tiki-Empire Traider`s Vic. The special style of its establishments
The man who raised Tiki to a new level, Steve Crane
Revival of Tiki

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