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Dmytro Kolomyets

Biography: Dmytro Kolomyets is a brand ambassador of Diageo Reserve in Ukraine, bar manager of Osocor Residence. He has been involved in HoReCa for 14 years, 8 of which represent bar culture. After 6 years at the Parovoz SpeakEasy bar, he has taken over as bar manager at Osocor Residence, where he manages a staff of 50 bartenders and serves up to 4,000 guests. He successfully combines his main work with the embassy in Ukraine of his favorite brands Diageo Reserve.
For three years in a row Dmytro was included into the TOP 3 Best Bartenders of the CIS, is a winner and finalist of many competitions. Dmitry likes to give emotions to people and get acquainted with bar culture. Ha is an author of a YouTube channel about making cocktails at home

Tasting: Synesthesia. The smell of words and the color of music through the prism of whisky
Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon in which irritation in one sensory or cognitive system leads to an automatic, involuntary response in another human sensory system. This is a phenomenon in which irritation of one sense organ, along with sensations specific to it, also causes sensations corresponding to another sense organ. During the tasting, we suggest you how to convey the taste and aroma of whiskey using color, shape and other epithets.

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