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Egor Kozlovsky

Biography: Bacardi-Martini trader-ambassador in Belarus
Co-owner and barman of Gin&It cocktail bar (@ginit_minsk)
Co-owner of Bistro Benedict (@benedict_minsk).

Topic: Bar command as a tool for creating menus.
Our small bar team creates concept menus and has been changing them every 3 months for several years. 3.5 years, 15 menus, 180 cocktails, a Barproof award for best cocktail menu and hundreds of scribbled pages. How not to lose inspiration and work on creating drinks as a team? How do you learn to do it together and structure all your knowledge? And how not to burn out while doing it all?
Block 1
1. Introductory part about the bar culture in Belarus and the city of Minsk.
2. A story about the Gin&It cocktail bar, its history and concept.
Block 2
1. Cocktail fundamentals and their necessity
2. types of cocktails on the menu and how the team sees them
3. How to structure bartender knowledge and experience to create a menu
4. How to give the right ToR to the team and work together
Block 3
1. Selecting the theme and concept for the menu
2. Visualising the menu and working with the designer
3. Filling in the cocktails and finding new flavours.
Block 4
1. How not to lose inspiration and stimulate bartenders
2. Storytelling around the drink and the need for it
3. Social media

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