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Giacomo Giannotti

Biography: Giacomo Giannotti is from Carrara, a small town on the northern coast of Tuscany, Italy. In Carrara, his family has an ice cream shop called Gelateria Paradiso.
After finishing school, Giacomo decided to move to London to learn English. Giacomo spent 4 years in London, where he received rigorous training as a bartender from some of the best bar companies, such as Be at One and Eclipse Cocktail Bar. After these years, he decided to move to sunny Barcelona.
In Barcelona, he worked in Eclipse Bar in The W Hotel, then in the Ohla Hotel, where he learned with his mentor Giuseppe Santamaría the art of mixology. After much effort and dedication, he won the World Class competition in Spain in 2014 and was among the best 8 best Bartenders in the world.
In December 2015, Giacomo finally made his dream come true. He opened his own cocktail bar: Paradiso, and used the same name as his family’s ice cream shop.
The cocktail menu consists of 21 signature drinks, each one with different glasses, decorations and technique focused on surprising the guest. This year, Giacomo and his team were inspired by the “Universe”.
After five years, Paradiso has already received many awards, such as: “The Bar to watch” in the prestigious list of the World’s 50 Best Bars in 2017, number 37 in the World’s 50 Best Bars in 2018 and number 20 in 2019, and currently number 19 and best bar in Spain.
In 2020 Giacomo opened his second bar in Barcelona: Galileo, a cocktail bistro focused on aperitif with a fusion between cocktails and Italian gastronomy.

Topic: Creativity and sustainability in cocktail bar
How can you push the boundaries of creativity in a cocktail bar: with creativity and imagination, organization and teamwork.
From our last project – Paradiso lab – our center of innovation, we develop our latest project: sustainable coaster, auditory and study of plastic waste and the creation of a creative new menu with a unique technique – edible flying cloud – that I will present in exclusive at BAROMETER!

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