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Guillaume Drouin

Biography: My grandfather had a fantastic wine cellar and he was always inviting me to come and carefully choose the good bottles for the good meal. I guess this is how to create vocations. I graduated as a winemaker, decided to travel and work around the world (Languedoc, Bordeaux, Australia, South Africa), to make my own experiences. Accidentally, I happened to find a position of consultant in Haïti for Barbancourt rhum. A fantastic experience on aging and blending the rhums and probably the most emotional part of my life. Blending rhums opened my eyes on the very great potential and complexity that spirits offer. Enough to make me forget my projects in the wine industry and to decide to take over the Calvados company created by my grand father some 40 years earlier. Passion, experimentation, the love for craft work is probably a good definition for what the Drouin family is like. I joined the company in 2004 and took over the position of General Manager in 2014. In 2016 I created Le Gin de Christian Drouin with the ambition to produce the first recipe of Gin thought around apple.

Tasting: From the world’s best calvados and cider to a unique gin from Christian Drouin.

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