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Holger Hügelsberger

Biography: International sales director, expert in W&S industry
Holger has been working in the wines & spirits business all his carreer with 20 years of experience in various fields from Marketing & Sales, to Controlling and Production. He was born and raised in Austria where he studied business administration and finished an MBA in International Marketing.
He started his career as a Trade Marketeer in Austria and later worked for Underberg and Rémy Cointreau in Germany.
Today he is responsible for the international business of Schlumberger Sparkling Wine cellars in Vienna AND the MOZART Distillerie in Salzburg, heading a small team fully committed to promoting Schlumberger wines and MOZART Chocolate Liqueurs all over the world.
In 2016 MOZART was taken over by the Marussia Beverages Group and since then sales have more than doubled, Today MOZART is exported to more than 60 countries in the world with international sales (outside of Austria) accounting for more than 95% of total volumes.
Holger commands a deep knowledge about the production of wines and spirits, especially liqueurs and he has constantly educated professionals from On- and Offpremise channels in trainings and masterclasses about MOZART and „CHOCtails“.
Holger is very passionate about his profession and loves to teach his audience about the masterful quality of MOZART Chocolate liquerus using only the best natural ingredients in an artisan craft production in the famous MOZART Distillerie in Salzburg/Austria.
He is a spirits professional but also autodidact who very much enjoys tasting wines and spirits and is always searching for new culinary experiences and drinks.
Recently he has discovered his passion for Espuma Cocktails – in his case of course CHOCtails created with MOZART Chocolate liqueurs!

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