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Iryna Zheldak

Biography: More than 6 years of experience in running alcohol brands, currently brand manager of Gordon’s, Baileys and Bell’s brands, curator of the educational program for HoReCa Diageo Bar Academy. He studies psychology and is fond of yoga.

Topic: The End of Hipsters. What`s Next
A lecture after which you will not be the same.
We will talk about the social phenomena that drive the development of society, culture, and the hospitality industry.
We will discuss how brands and personalities communicate, what message they are trying to get across.
We will discuss the trends that are just emerging and that have already been influencing the world for several years.
After our meeting you will learn 20 absolutely new trendy words which will help you to get oriented in this world, stop to be an ageist, and maybe even take a sabbatical.

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