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Jānis Viļumovs

Biography: MONIN brand ambassador/ bartender/ bar, and restaurant manager.
During my 18 years of career in hospitality, I’ve led numerous bars and restaurants in Latvia, as well as one in Berlin (“Inizio”, 2015). I’ve taken part in the opening of seven restaurants and been a proud co-owner in three of them (“Jonathan” (Top 5 best restaurants in Latvia, 2012/ “White Guide”, 2012), “Muusu” and “Ferma” (The best restaurant of the year, 2016). Continuously learning and developing my skills as a manager, barista and bartender, I’ve been honored to share my knowledge both as a guest lecturer in several hospitality schools, as well as a resident lecturer in Restaurant Service School in Latvia. As of now, for almost two years I’m proud to be an official representative and ambassador of MONIN, introducing new tastes and cocktail recipes to the hospitality industry professionals in Latvia. In my job, I value the endless possibilities of creating and delivering sensations via food, drinks, and atmosphere. My passion and interests revolve around a cocktail and wine culture, but in cooking I tend to find liberation and inspiration.

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