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Jenna Ba

Biography: As the Diageo New to Worlds Brands Global Ambassador, Jenna Ba works with some of Diageo’s most dynamic and fast-growing global portfolio including Bulleit American Whiskey and Haig Club.
Jenna’s industry experience is vast. From working in private members clubs in London (The Brompton Club) to luxury hotel bars (Chiltern Firehouse), to brand activations and events with Sweet + Chilli, to independent consulting, having helped open bars from Mykonos to Mumbai, and finally joining the Diageo fold. Jenna has an eye for innovation and is always one step ahead of the drinks and hospitality curve. It is this attention to detail that has led to her becoming a sought-after voice in the media, able to comment with authority on the ‘ones to watch’, be it cocktails, people or places.
She is a keen advocate for the democratization of cocktail culture, committed to making great drinks accessible to all, and puts this passion to work by crafting innovative solutions for Diageo spirits to show up both on-trade and off-trade. She is a regular event host, well-versed in introducing people to the virtues of Diageo spirits, and frequently participates in industry panels at trade events.
Jenna’s eye on culture sets her apart – and her distinct love of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the pursuit of great drinks.

Topic: The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement
This is a story about how people create spaces, and how these spaces unite creators. But what does such a space entail, what are the mindsets that facilitate people collaboration and what does eco-conscious networking means.
This is also a story about the garages where we have the space and the collective of people around us to experiment, to fail, to test and learn. A garage is such a space, there is a reason some of the best rock bands in the world are born out of garages, same as best innovation and technology companies. But what does a Garage mean to the bar world.
You should get the urge to adopt an upcycling mindset, to look at other’s people’s waste as a precious resource for creative reuse. Let’s appreciate the multitude of skills that people of hospitality have and understand how can we support their individuality and growth from a bartender’s collective perspective

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