Natalie Vilinskaya

Topic: “How can a bartender and a sommelier be friends, increasing the sales of both the bar and the wine”

In my lecture I will tell how we can break stereotypes when it comes to the confrontation between two professions in the restaurant business.
Target: a “universal soldier” – a bartender who can easily walk out from behind the counter and recommend wine to the guest. A sommelier in the restaurant who can easily brew coffee and make negroni if ​​needed. And you don’t have to learn all Chablis Grand Cru or finish barista courses.
At the moment, alcoholic HoReCa has standards which have been forming during long years. Young bartenders don’t like boring sommeliers who often boast that they know a lot. And adult sommeliers do not take young bartenders seriously, believing that making tea and drawing a rosette is not a big deal.
I will tell you how to avoid conflicts and get mutual benefit, increasing sales of both the bar and the wine.
We will learn to work harmoniously, as a team, we will get out of our usual framework, we will pump new skills and learn how to understand each other perfectly.


My name is Natalia Vilinskaya, I am the founder of the restaurant service school MR.BAR School. The main direction at the school is bar, but we train any HoReCa staff professionals. I’ve been working with restaurants for about 20 years, starting as a waiter and going up to a manager. My project MR.BAR, which works both in Ukraine and abroad, is already 14 years old. During this time, I have launched many establishments, taught the service for the government of Uzbekistan, developed my own training programs for bartenders and restaurant managers. I studied at the Roman Toroschin Training Center in Moscow, and am a certified coach of the International Coach Union. Since 2018, I have been a board member of the of the Ukrainian Sommelier Association, and also a member of the Latvian and Russian Sommelier Associations.