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Oleksandr Zayoma

Topic: When a speakeasy is not that easy. Dealing with complaints and communication with difficult guests

  1. Who and what makes a client show the “dark” side of their personality.
  2. How to behave and how to effectively respond to customer complaints.
  3. How to solve difficult communication situations with dignity.



Public speaking coach and speechwriter
17 years of public speaking
15 years of teaching and coaching in 3 languages
7 years worked as a host at various events
I help present and communicate in the way which is pleasant and efficient both for the speaker and the listener.
My clients are Parimatch, Raiffeisen Bank, Vodafone, Philip Morris, JTI, Luxoft, Miele, Teva, Roche, PWC, MacPaw, Baker McKenzie and many other.

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