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Oron Lerner

Biography: Oron Lerner currently holds the position of beverage director for the Imperial group, spanning the Imperial craft cocktail bar – an award winning pioneer in the cocktail scene in Tel Aviv, as well as La Otra, Bushwick, Palms and Red, and under such title he is responsible for training, hiring, research and development for all five concepts.
He was the bar manager at the Imperial for the last three years, including the recent Covid crisis, owned the French 57 bar in Tel Aviv and has been applying his academic skills as an organizational psychologist for the last decade or so – combining technique and organizational approach that are unique to bars, for spectacular results.
Oron has offered his insights at every international opportunity so far, and is known to pop up across the globe discussing all things psychology and bars – soft skills, leadership, culture, creativity and more.

Topic: Setting the goal
Over the last four years Imperial has implemented a unique program of both personal and team goal setting. This mechanism allowed us to make regular, monthly leaps in quality of performance in the bar, we motivate our staff through it and change our focus of attention monthly to guarantee that improvements happen all across our bars.
The goals set are the essential first step to forming a plan – but when done by the bartenders themselves it also sets their motivation and interest in the matter. However, that is just the beginning – without regular measuring, consistent review by a manager and a de-briefing at the end of the period the goals would stay unfulfilled.
And so we’ve developed an entire system – a schedule of personal and team meetings, formats, regulations and exact descriptions aimed to guarantee that a goal set is accompanied by a plan, actions and lessons learned at the end of the process.
Join us for an opportunity to discover some of Imperial strategic secrets and the wonderful breakthroughs we’ve made through the use of these goal setting methods.

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