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Paul Mace

Biography: Paul is a restless creative spirit that began his career in the hospitality industry at the age of 16, as an extra in a small family brewery in his hometown.
Always combining his work with his musical career, he finds in the cocktail bar a comfort similar to that of being on a stage. He likes to deal with people, listen to their stories and starts to get addicted to the energy and frenetic rhythm that you breathe in the bar. Very early on, Pol is awakened by a passion for mixology and being a great host, which leads him to manage the first bar at the age of 18 in his hometown, Igualada.
From there to the world, the following years included London and New York, and many years in Barcelona as a Head Bartender and a Bar Manager. After a few consulting gigs and a good bunch of experience, he decided to partner up with some old colleagues to open his first bar, Lilith & Sons. A very disruptive and alternative signature cocktail bar with a philosophical message and a community-forward mentality.
Today, Lilith & Sons is a referent in the Spanish industry and a small, very familiar bar that aims to inspire and empower other bars and bartenders to do things in a different way, so we can all together, slowly but surely, shape a better, more mature and respectful society.

Topic: A better bar for a social transformation
What responsibilities do bars and bartenders have in maintaining a positive atmosphere in the bar?
Bars being the center of social life, need to carry a strong message on social morals and not allowing certain behaviors on premises. It is a big responsibility, educating and maintaining a safe, respectful, not judgmental environment in the bar. How and when can the bar staff feel empowered to intervene? This will be a frank and straightforward discussion based on Pol’s practices in Jekyll & Hide, Barcelona, on the subject that other people are scared to talk about.

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