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Ramon Fresneda

Biography: Vice-President of the International Bartenders’ Association, President of the Federation of Associations of Spanish Bartenders.
Ramon started to get familiar with the hospitality industry at the age of 14, working at the Melbourne Hilton Hotel in the Australian city of Melbourne, where his parents emigrated when he was little.
After getting his Diploma of hotel and catering operations at the William Angliss College of Catering and Food Studies Ramon moved to his homeland (Spain) in 1978 to try to work in the hotel industry. He started to work in Sevilla at the Hotel Macarena, which belongs to the biggest and most important hotel company in Spain (MELIA HOTELS INTERNATIONAL) and has been working there for 41 years (until 2019) as a head Barman.
In 1989 Ramon became part of the training team and HR for the opening of hotels in South America, mainly in the Caribbean area, Cuba, Santo Domingo and Mexico. There he served as a trainer and responsible for the food and beverage area. Between 1989 and 1992, he took charge of the opening and all the training in the food and beverage area for the four hotels that opened in Varadero (Cuba).
Ramon joined F.A.B.E. (Federation of Associations of Spanish Barmen) in 1985 and has been linked to I.B.A. since 1998 Meeting in Lisbon (Portugal) and 1999 meeting in Gothenburg (USA) where he presented the candidacy for the city of Sevilla 2003 I.B.A. meeting and W.C.C. (World Cocktail Championship).
Ramon has been a technical judge for the W.C.C. many times. He also competed in national and international competitions himself, obtaining several awards, among them:
1994 VI Trophee Monaco Inter Riviera getting the first place
1998 First place in the regional Bacardi Martini Grand – Prix in its open classic category
1999 Prize given by the board of directors of Andalusian for professional merits for the tourism sector in Sevilla
Currently Ramon is a president of F.A.B.E. with 22 associations all over Spain including Islands with more than 5,000 members and holding 22 regional competitions and a national competition every year.

Topic: Let’s talk about your career
Have you ever wondered how a bartender can make a career aside from a bar station? What are the global benefits of membership in associations? How to properly participate in international competitions?
Ramon Fresneda, President of the Federation of Associations of Spanish Barmen and Vice-President of the International Bartenders Association, will talk about this and much more. And will be happy to answer your questions.

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