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Roman Stadnik

Topic: A bar is not a place, a bar is people. Teamwork.
1. Recruiting a team
One of the vital issues concerning a formation of a good future team is hiring.
As mistakes made at a stage of hiring a bartender or any other employee will result in wasted hours, energy and nerves trying to teach and instill love for the team in the chosen one.
When recruiting a team the answer to the question ‘With whom?’ should help. We’re obliged to make a detailed list of requirements for a potential employee. At the same time we should analyze carefully the job we offer, and make a list of necessary conditions which must be met. Positive and negative points should be included in the list, as we ought to be honest with our employee from the very beginning.
Here I’ll talk in more detail – who and what I pay attention to in the first place, as well as what else a potential bartending team member should own, except professional data, especially if we’re talking about a candidate without job experience.

2. Stages of development and mistakes of the team
Here we’ll talk about levels of team culture development, which level should be strived for, and what mistakes in interaction should be identified and corrected.
There are five levels of corporate culture. Most successful bar teams are on the 4th level or higher.
Starting form the 4th level a team’ key message sounds as following, ‘We are awesome!’. There is no place for ‘stars’, whose light blinds other people of the team. Everyone is equal here. On this level ‘we’ refers to the team lead by the leader and to our end customer, to our guest.
Having reached the 4th level of corporate culture, we can develop strategies, set goals and achieve results.

3. Team contentment
How often do you ask yourself, ‘Are the bartenders happy to go to work?’ or “Am I happy to go to work?’.
There are 3 factors that turns our daily work into routine, impersonality, uselessness and immeasurability.
We don’t see the point if we can’t measure our daily contribution to work, when we don’t understand if our job makes good to someone, and when we’re known only as employees (when our lives outside of work are not in interest).

4. The role of a team leader
People don’t expect to be managed when going to work. People expect to be led by a strong leader.
So one person is entrusted to lead and develop the team. It doesn’t mean that all the responsibility falls on the leader. It’s a person who can see a situation from the outside, can listen, make conclusions and create a necessary culture and security in the team.

Roma Stadnik — bar manager and leader of Beatnik Bar (Kyiv), a professional with 10+ years of experience in the hospitality sphere, a speaker at the BAROMETER International Bar Show and a Brand Ambassador Finlandia Vodka and el Jimador Tequila in Ukraine.

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