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Semyon Velentiy

Biography: Head of sales at Poster, industry-leading company in restaurant automation. Semyon has appearead as a speaker at restaurant conferences such as RestoPraktiki, Bureau Business Ideas, Franchithink, teaching courses on management and sales techniques. Semyon’s implemented a system for employee training and development, and set up an in-house feedback system. Under his leadership, his department has connected more than 18,000 locations in 100 countries across the globe.

Topic: Solutions from the IT sector for staff shortages in HoReCa
・How to communicate your vision and values within your company
・Working with your staff
・One-on-one meetings
・Feedback culture
・Zero punishment culture and “the right to do wrong”
・Merch, training, coaching and recreational activities
・Tools for working with employees: calendars, surveys, chats, etc.
・Working for your clients

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