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Simone Bodini

Biography: Simone Bodini started working at the bar during his university years in the late ’90 in Rome and fell completely in love with this new profession. It took him hours of practice and attending many bartending trainings to finally compete worldwide. As a Flair Bartender he was crowned 3 times Italian champion and once World Champion in 2006. During his career as a bartender he worked his way to the top by gaining his experience working in the top clubs like the Supper Club Rome and the Phi Beach in Costa Smeralda, many top restaurants and 5-star luxury hotels. As a bartender and trainer in the top Italian Bartending Schools (Flair Project, Rebirth of Liquid Art by Supper Club, Mixology Academy, Bottlebunker) Simone got himself involved in the development of the bar culture in Italy from the late nineties till nowadays, introducing new trends and sharing his passion and knowledge with young bartenders.
In November 2016 Simone became a Global BA with Stoli Croup. On this position he travelled to over 50+ countries worldwide (100+ cities) producing more than 350 Masterclasses and more than 100 guest bartendings and trainings. He also visited more than 600 international key accounts and produced specific trainings for them. Simone participated in festivals and special events all over the globe (Paris, Madrid, UK Rum Festivals, 50 Best bars 10th year anniversary in New York, Cannes TFWA etc.) He also achieved a remarkable nomination from Tales of cocktails in the category “Best international brand ambassador 2017 and 2018”, participated in the EAOM 17 and EAOM18 (Global elit vodka competition) program organization and finals where he was chief of the prestigious jury panel.

Tasting: Mezcal es Pueblo – Mezcal is People.
Mezcal is one of the last ancient spirits that belongs to people. Every aspect of this artisanal production is measured and controlled by the senses of mezcaleros and inspired by the colorful and vibrant local traditions. Come with me and discover how this amazing spirit is a distilled form of Mexican culture. How the hand of the Mezcalero can impart a specific flavor profile to this nectar. How local culture can dictate the rituals around consumption.
How in the end Mezcal is made of people and for the people!

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