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Tatiana Zhdanova

Biography: Marketer-practitioner, lives in Kiev. Author of the book “The Meaning of Life and Its Marketing”. Created a “gravitation marketing” approach. On its basis, she practices methods for working with organizations, people, territories and “places”. Together with the Wikicitynomica team, she developed and legitimated the country’s tourism brand.
Public projects: “The brand of the city is the matter of citizens” (2010-2012), the tourist brand of Ukraine (2013-2018), “The meaning of life and its marketing”, “New Mythology of Ukraine” (2015+), “The Landresponds” (

Topic: Who All These People Are, Or How to Digitalize a Personality.
– Biological bases: genetics.
– Culture, environment and their impact.
– How different people are.
– What type of a leader you are.
– Wine, strong, beer and cocktail profiles.
– Leader, buddy and team.

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