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Timur Dorofeyev

Biography: Timur Dorofeyev is one of the most reputable Ukrainian authors that write about spirits and cocktails, a jury member of various bartending competitions, an erudite and bibliophile, a BarmenDiktat bar chronicler, an author of Cocktail Canon book, and a Drinksetter project editor. Mr. Dorofeyev has decided that it is time to talk about some historical falsifications, suppressions, and fact manipulations that have been in use by the international alcohol brands for centuries and until now. We will also witness the dispel of the myths, which most Ukrainian baristas still put their trust on.

Topic: Timur has named his lecture by his favorite song quote: “You’re lying, I’m buying”. And he truly hopes that after the happening, the amount of rubbish communicated to consumers in the bars will become at least a bit less.

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