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Vladyslav Romanishyn

Topic:  1.“Anatomy of a Cocktail”
– Sensation. How our senses help us perceive cocktails
– Impact of the environmental factors
– The DNA of a cocktail
– Finding a balance
– Evolutionary tree of a cocktail
– A chain of similarities and differences in cocktail formulas

2.”Burning Man. How to burn professionally brightly but not to burn out”
– Emotional burnout. Truth or excuses for the lazy?
– What are signs of professional burnout?
– Bartender’s health. Is it an urgent issue or will we think about it when retiring?
– How to set goals properly. Myths about ‘successful success’.
– Motivation vs Discipline.
Passion is the fuel.


Founder and Co-owner at Flacon bar (Odessa).
Brand-Bartender at Synergy Group.
Brand Ambassador for Pernod Ricard Ukraine.

Vlad started working in the hospitality industry almost seven years ago, going from barista to brand bartender of the Synergy Group restaurant chain and brand ambassador of Pernod Ricard.

Last year, together with a partner, in Odessa he opened his own flavor-dedicated cocktail bar FLACON.

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