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Yaryna Herechka

Biography: Head of ‘Theatre and Business’ company,
Personal coach in acting for business owners,
Corporate lecturer in acting in ‘Soft Serve’ and ‘Fest! – emotions holding’ companies, and in Kyiv Economics school, etc.
Founder of a technique of business training by means of acting. Author of educational programs ‘Discover Yourself in the Theatre’, ‘Speak so Everyone Can Hear’, ‘Theatre for Development’, etc.
Yaryna has been teaching acting for 8 years and has taught about 5000 people (from models to business owners),
Georgian kiss, writing Shevchenko’s poems with buttocks, fighting in public and making banyak show – it’s all about us. Konstantyn Stanislavskiy wrote an acting system for actors, but Yaryna adapted it for business.

Topic: Have you ever wondered what to do in order to communicate freely and confidently with each customer at the bar?
How to be charismatic and artistic in your activities from cocktail preparation to its presentation?
How to deal with unnecessary emotions, body like a log, poker face and fast rattling when you feel extremely anxious, stressed?
Have you already searched anything on this topic online and in the books, maybe even tried, but in reality, nothing works?
You even tried public speaking, but at the crucial moment, everything flew out of your head?
Why does your colleague can speak so easily and cool, and still brightly with humor, but it is difficult for you?
Do your fears, complexes and communication blocks prevent you from moving forward professionally?
Only by overcoming your own insecurity, awkwardness and by “pumping up” communication, charisma and artistry, you will be able to achieve your dreams! Be an ambassador, bar chef, manager or owner…. (add yours here)
“Speak so that everyone hears!” is a lecture and acting master class, which consists of a special set of exercises in stage speech and how to move on stage, in order to improve verbal (voice) and nonverbal (body) means of communication, and their use in professional communication.

How to learn the effective tools to achieve inner freedom (how to feel free, comfortable, confident) when communicating with new people, clients, colleagues, customers, etc.?
How to overcome physical stress; express “accumulated” emotions and stress?
How to learn to control your body (gesture, posture, facial expressions) and voice (diction, articulation, volume, etc.)?
How to develop charisma and artistry, their expression during communication (starting from a “tree” and becoming a “living” person)?
How to “release” your own voice (work with sonority, flexibility, volume, development of breathing, clarity and clarity of pronunciation (diction), intonation)?
How to improve the means of communication and apply them in professional communication. (awakening the desire to communicate with people, not to be afraid of them, and other kinds of complexes)?
How to overcome anxiety in public (when you look at more than 10 pairs of eyes)?
How to clearly and concisely form your thoughts and convey them to others (so that everyone who listens understands you)?
How to freely and effortlessly communicate with listeners in order to achieve the desired result (joke, tell an interesting story, present yourself brightly and easily or something else)?
How to improve verbal improvisation and the ability to express emotions (here you can talk about everything in the world, and without involuntary sounds)?
How to learn to control your own body – facial expressions, postures, gestures (to make you like the way you move, not to be like a log)?

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